Reward yourself by becoming a member of our Business Loan Originator team and telling others of our great service. At Small Business Fundz, we’ll compensate anyone for rewarding us with new customers. We can get your referrals funded when no other lending firm can. Anyone who refers a new customer that gets funded will receive a percentage commission for our Business Loan Originator programs.

If you are a professional or individual that has a website or comes into contact with business owners that require a small business loan then the Small Business Fundz Business Loan Originator Program can be very lucrative for you. You do not need a license or any particular business knowledge, you simply need to refer a business owner to us that needs a business loan and you will receive a referral fee if they are funded.


You can receive unlimited payments for a minimal amount of work. You refer the business owner to our company, he or she fills out the forms and provides the requested information for their business and if they receive a business loan you get paid!

It is our desire to make this program as easy as possible. Therefore, we highly encourage all of our originators to purchase a device (GO Market) that will automatically Market the program 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Basically, putting the marketing on autopilot while you go about your normal daily routine. Further in the attempt to maximize the amount of money our Originators will be able to make we are giving them the ability to build a team of people to refer business to them to forward to us. And you obviously would receive overrides off of any commissions that your team receives.

This is no gimmick or sales promotion and it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. We are in the business of lending money and we believe that someone who brings business to our company should be compensated. This is no different than deals on Wall Street or any other industry for that matter. We would not have the client without you so you should be compensated.

Your referral must fill out the form with some basic information about their business and meet a certain criteria.


Who is Eligible for a Business Loan:

Small Business Fundz offers many different types of business loans with a variety of terms and structures. In the most basic approval, to be eligible for our referral program a business owner will have to process a minimum of $10,000 a month in credit card transactions. If the business owner does not process credit cards we require a minimum of $10,000 in monthly revenues to consider funding. We work with almost every type of business and have the ability to get those businesses funding even when most other lending companies cannot get an approval.


For start-ups or those people who don’t meet this minimum criteria, we may be able to get them a personal loan based upon their credit. Please contact us for more information on our Business Loans Originator Program for more information.


Example Small Business Fundz Business Loan Client:

Anthony, has a thriving restaurant located at the center of town, but could use some extra cash to make payroll during slower periods of the year. Unfortunately for Anthony, he has been turned down for a traditional loan from local lenders and has sought out an alternative option. Why not direct him to Small Business Fundz and show him how easy and convenient it is to obtain a business loan. We’ll make it worth your while by giving you money every time someone like Anthony applies.



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Please feel free to reach out via the phone to speak with one of our Program Managers. They can assist you to become one of our Loan Originators. They can also further discuss the details of our Business Loan Originator Marketing Program. Otherwise, fill out the form below and one of our Funding Managers will contact you shortly. We look forward to working with you!

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