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Consumer Financing: Why Should Your Business Consider It


$How committed is your business to being customer-centric? Maybe you’re doing everything you think you can do to offer your customers the best service, but have you considered offering consumer financing? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you and your customers will see when you partner with a third party, non-traditional financier.

  • Realize a Spike in Sales and Differentiate from Your Competition
    If you’ve been looking for a way to stand out from your competition, a great way to do it is to offer what others aren’t – consumer financing. You’ll find yourself closing more deals and seeing an improvement in your bottom line.
  • Shorten Your Sales Cycle
    When your clients have more access to funding, they have less trepidation about pulling the trigger on a sale, which means you have less nurturing to do. The result is a faster sales cycle.
  • Give Your Customers What They’ve Come to Expect
    Consumers today expect consumer financing at almost every turn. Name a retailer that doesn’t offer you a free application for their credit card. While you might not be a retailer, offering your clients consumer financing lives up to what at least half of consumers in America already expect of the businesses they work with.
  • Bigger Profits
    According to a Yankee Group report from 2008, when financing is offered to consumers, they spend more than 30 percent more per purchase. What will your company do with 30 percent more profits?
  • Cash Flow is King
    You’ve known for a long time that without cash flowing in the right direction, you can’t experience business growth. Consumer financing has a direct impact on cash flow because it often means you get your money up front while the third party you partner with is responsible for collecting on the debt. This means instead of waiting for 50-plus days to see your money for the services you’ve rendered, you’ve got instant cash.
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
    Consumers are always looking for a way to improve their total cost of ownership. Their money in the bank does them more good there than when it goes out in lump sums. Consumer financing attached to low APR means consumers are going to take advantage of a service they might not otherwise be inclined to purchase.
  • Customer Loyalty Means More Money for You
    Research proves that when you offer consumer financing, it pleases the customer. When the customer is happy, guess what happens? They become loyal customers, which means they’ll keep coming back to you, giving you their business and their money for your services.

SBF knows the power of consumer financing because we’ve seen it work for our clients. We offer flexible consumer financing programs to businesses in several industries, from medical to membership. Accessible financing through collaborative solutions – that is what SBF is all about, and we’ve seen it add distinct value to businesses of all shapes and sizes.


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