We have created a program called, “THE CHURCH FUNDZ”.  The program is an invention of SBF. We discovered we were in the unique position to be able to donate to charities by redirecting existing funds instead of creating new ones. In the credit card industry, merchants pay a fee to have the money they make from credit cards turned into cash. The CHURCH FUNDZ program takes part of that fee that the merchants already pay and donate it to charity.

When merchants friendly to your organization process their credit card transactions utilizing SBF CHURCH FUNDZ program, your organization receives ongoing monthly financial donations. When they accept cards they pay a fee for that service, when SBF is the one processing their cards, part of that fee will go to your organization. The money already exists! We simply direct funds to you rather than earning it as a profit. You may use this money any way you choose.

Not only will we make this program available to you, we will also make it available for each business/church you refer to us. In essence what we are doing is partnering with your ministry and its referrals.

I know that one of the concerns for your church(s) will be the cost associated with having a merchant account. That no longer needs to be a factor because each month a church submits 3 referrals, we will pay their monthly merchant account service fees. And as long as their referrals continue to process their credit cards with my company, we will sow a seed into the ministry every month. And based upon my knowledge, the seed offering will eventually surpass the cost associated with their merchant account. Thus the account will be FREE!

We also offer our services on a month to month basis. That’s right, NO CONTRACT! We have all signed multi-year contracts and after a few months, the service starts to deteriorate. By allowing ALL our clients to sign with us on a month to month basis, makes us have to earn your business EVERY month.

We are currently the market leaders in  offering the lowest rates/fees merchants have ever been offered, with a Free Terminal placement program—and  all with a satisfaction guaranteed/no risk/obligation approach. And, remember, our program has no undisclosed annual compliance program fees.