Small Business Fundz (SBF) is a christian based company, whose goal is to help the economy recover by helping business owners find working capital to grow or run their businesses. We are poised to be one of the nation’s leading provider of alternative funding for small and mid-sized businesses. COUNTLESS businesses use SBF’s financial services to power the growth of their business.


Our FOUNDERS have over 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN THIS INDUSTRY. SBF has a nationwide sales network and a dedicated customer care staff that have supported COUNTLESS businesses, representing over 500 different SIC codes (including over 100 franchise concepts) in all 50 states.

SBF’s fundamental strengths define our unique position as the capital provider of choice for smart business people around the country.

Our Financial Strength

As ONE of the nation’s leading BUSINESS LOAN providers, SBF has the financial strength to fund every qualified deal. Our current credit facilities are believed to be the largest in the BUSINESS LOAN industry. Despite the uncertainties of the recent economic environment, our business model, data, systems, and technology, and long history of best-in-class service enables us to significantly INCREASE our abilities to provide small business funding.